The Wensel Group - Design and Remodeling
The Wensel Group - Design and Remodeling

Patio Designs

Outdoor Oven Backyard BBQ And Brick Oven

     Here is a stone built, wood-fired oven that we built next to the outdoor kitchen.  We built all the countertop to fit the appliances desired by the home owner.  There is a built in stove, barbeque, fridge, and storage.  The end of the counter space turns to a rounded tabletop with a palapa covering.

Backyard Gazebo

Outdoor Gazebo Backyard Gazebo Trellis

     Here is a stucco patio we built with wooden covering above the hot tub section of the inground pool.

Outdoor Kitchens

Backyard Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Patio

     Here is a deluxe version of our outdoor kitchen.  We built a separate table top section with a built in gas mini firepit.  On the inside of the table top is the kitchen section with tiled counterspace, barbeque, stove top, refridgerator, and storage.

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