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Bathroom Designs

     Designing your own bathroom allows you to have all the features you already know you want, and really turns your master bathroom into your own personal space.  When you meet with our designer we encourage you to bring your own drawings or pictures of what you want.  If you can visualize it, we can build it.


     Newer homes will often create two vanity spaces in the master bathroom to give you a space that doesn't feel tight or cramped.  Let us help you design the shower and bath you and your spouse want and give a look and feel that you love.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Ideas Bathroom Remodel Designs in La Mesa

We know that a positive relationship with our clients is the key to successful design. Our experience has taught us the importance of establishing common goals early on in order to ensure that the results we deliver are the results you expect.


Your Space, Your Choice

We always place your wishes first - it is, after all, your space. We have the necessary experience and flexibility to guide you through every step of the project, from design and planning to implementation and maintenance. Make us part of the solution.

Walk In Shower and Bathroom Design Ideas

walk in shower, custom bathroom, bathroom remodel Walk In Shower La Mesa

     One of our passions is creating a bathroom where you have the space you've always wanted.  Many older homes come with standard small bathroom sizes.  We can discuss, design, and expand your bathroom to give you all the room you need which is now standard in newer homes.

     Building your bathroom gives you the advantage of choosing the details that are important to you.  That means glass doors, tile walls, rain shower heads or mutiple shower head systems.  Expanding a bathroom can allow you to separate the shower-in-tub design to an individual walk in shower and bathtub.